Bali Praia

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Established in 2016, Bali Praia is an independently owned entertainment company and music collective based in Bali, Indonesia.

The founders, all veterans of Indonesia’s vibrant nightlife industry, set out with a common vision: to represent Bali on the international level by offering unrivaled exposure for local as well as international artists in the fastest growing nightlife market in the world: Asia.

With over 50 years of collective experience as performing artists as well as event organizers, included amongst our ranks are some of the pioneers of Indonesia’s nightlife scenes.

Collectively we speak 8 languages, and we come from many different corners of the world, united through a common ardor for music.

Our backgrounds are as diverse as the professional experience we bring with us, with the founders having originally established themselves in the fields of hospitality, real estate, marketing, e-commerce as well the performing arts. We pride ourselves on being professionals, prior to any other title.

We have created a multi-faceted business model that allows us to exploit the strengths from each of our backgrounds, while simultaneously diversifying our income strategies. Our core team members will each assume different responsibilities over the various departments and services we offer, which are listed as follows:

Record Label – Our global music distribution platform with a focus on effective branding and marketing campaigns and selective curation of exceptional local and international talent.

Events – Our events organizing team dedicated to throwing the most happening parties around South East Asia. The different venues for our events include: pool parties, boat parties, beach raves, luxury rooftops, clubs and festivals.

Agency – Our booking agency dedicated to offering professional representation for artists seeking unparalleled exposure and access to a network of the most established party brands in the region.

We believe in the freedom of musical creativity and the power of music to be inspiring, even life changing. We want to give artists tools that will empower their aspirations to guide their own careers.

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