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As one of the original co-founders of GO-JEK back in 2010, Michaelangelo is the brand director of this socially minded technology company that aims to improve the welfare of workers in Indonesia’s vast informal sector. We partner with more than 200,000 experienced and trustworthy ojek drivers to provide our customers with a wide array of services, including GO-RIDE, GO-SEND, GO-FOOD, and GO-MART. It has also recently expanded with GO-BOX, GO-GLAM, GO-CLEAN, GO-MASSAGE, GO-BUSWAY, and with many more to come.

Rated to be fastest growing startup in Indonesian history, GO-JEK has been funded by major VCs Sequoia Capital and DST and has been in close tabs from big firms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and other major tech companies.

GO-JEK is currently operational in ten key cities around Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Medan, Semarang, Palembang and Balikpapan. Following the pillars of SPEED, INNOVATION and SOCIAL IMPACT, GO-JEK’s true mission is formalising the informal sector to provide a one stop mobile application for everyone’s daily needs.

The GO-JEK application can be downloaded here and is available for iOS and Android devices.