Arc MediSpa

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ARC MEDISPA is a luxurious Medical SPA where Men and Women can receive some of the most advanced non-surgical treatments for face and body. White Fat Removal, Visceral Fat Reduction, Intimates and Breast Reshaping to name a few; also available are our Bespoke Range of Infusions, you can also enjoy a Lounge style Mani Pedi with a High Tea-time spread.

ARC MEDISPA’s method is that of PROGRESSIVE AESTHETICS. Our Treatments achieve and maintain results by combining technologies in progressive cycles and with Transdermal Electroporation for Cell Permeation. This is the most effective way of introducing regenerative or correcting properties to a cell. Our method was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2003 – 2007.

ARC MEDISPA carries the signature ARC SKINCARE range of essentials including Cocktails, Peptides and Biorevitalizing Cell Infusions.

ARC MEDISPA is among a few elite Clinics and Medical SPA’s worldwide, where our equipment is exclusively customized by leading manufacturers of Aesthetic Technologies allowing us to give you extremely customized and exclusive treatments.